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IT Consultation

We provide provide consulting, conflict resolution, and training services for issues related to participation in the information age, cyberspace, Internet, information super highway, and World Wide Web.  We are experts in:


Information Age Business – Service Issues: Agreements, Business Plans, Channel Conflicts, Competition, Consumer Service, Cyber-Contracts, Cyberspace Dealings, Cyber Squatting, Directories, Domain Names, Establishing Goodwill, Feedback, Information Economics, Integrating Old Practices In A New Age, International Strategies, Internet Business Options, Internet Strategy, Life Cycle, Managing Risks, Merchants, Pricing, Successful Design, WebSites, and World Wide Web.

Information Age Management Issues: Change Management, Communication Strategies, Creating Change, Decision Making, Establishing Performance, Standards, Ethical Concerns, Leadership, Problem Solving, Professional Concerns, Reasonable Expectations, Successful Management, Team Building, and Information age weaknesses.


Conflict Resolution: Conflict Management and Resolution, Creating Change, Crisis Assessment and Forecasting, Crisis Management Planning, Mediation, Negotiation, Problem Solving, and Arbitration.

Information Employee Concerns: Discrimination, Distribution Of Labor, Employee Information Abuse, Evaluation, Harassment, Labor Problems, Labor Relations, Managing Knowledge Workers, Password Protection, Supervision Of Data Users, Information Users, Information Non-Users, Information Misusers, Whistle-Blowing, Workplace Stress, and Wrongful Termination.

Intellectual Property Issues: Copyright Use and Misuse, Database Use and Misuse, Domain Name Hijacking, Domain Name Strategies, Intellectual Property concerns, Sensitive Data Protection, Software as Property, Software Copyrights, Software Patents, Trade Names, Trade Secrets and Trademarks.
Information Privacy Security Concerns: Cryptography, Data Protection, Information Use And Misuse, Information Security, Privacy, and Security Assessments.


E-Commerce Strategies: Authentication, Consumer Service, Cookies, Data Signatures, E-Commerce, E-Payment Systems, Electronic Banking, Electronic Marketplace, Funds Transfer, Merchandizing, Net Strategy, Security, Service Failures, and Web Strategies.

Information Marketing: Advertising in the Information Age, Advertising Campaigns in cyberspace, Banners, Budgets, Building A Community, Corporate Identity, Costs, Information Marketing Plan, Interactive Marketing, Keywords, Literature Research, Market Economics, Market Mix, Market Statistics, Marketing Research, Measuring Results, Product Marketing, Meta Tags, Newsgroups And Forums, Public Relations, Sales Support, Service Marketing, Spamming, Style Manuals, and Virtual Catalogs.

Information Technology Management Issues: Bulletin Boards, Electronic Publishing, E-Mail, Encryption, Expert Systems, Frames, Information Technology, Internet Research, Search Engines, Telecommunications, and Standards Of Care.


Defective Software: Development Risks, Errors, Expert Systems, Quality, and Risks of Use and Misuse.

Information and Computer Crime: Blackmail, Consent, Computer Fraud, Computer Related Crime, Computer Misuse, Cyber Stalking, Hacking, Identity Theft, Information Theft, Invasion Of Privacy, Mens Rea, Negligence, Piracy, and Use Of Computers.

Information Policy Issues: Censorship, Compliance, Data Access, Defamation, Free Speech, Governance, Governmental Behavior, Human Rights, Indecent Speech, Information Highway Standards, Internet Regulation, Internet Education, Netiquette, Newsgroups, Offensive Materials, Policy Concerns, Regulation of Practices, and Surveillance.

Interpersonal Concerns: Behavior in the New Age, Children And The Net, Computer Addictions, Conflict Management, Cross Cultural Concerns, Group Dynamics, and Net Relationships.



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