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CEO Conflict - Crisis




Ray William London, Ph.D., LL.M.


Doctoral Level Education, Practice, and Research

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY [Ph.D.], [Summa Cum Laude level], 1976

Areas:  Consulting Psychology and Research.*  Focus: Assessment, Behavior, Communication, Conflict, Crisis, Development, Evaluation, and Intervention.

Dissertation Topic: Professional and psychological stress.

Graduate School
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

Psychology training accredited by The American Psychological Association

DOCTOR OF LAWS [LL.D.] Currently Completing Thesis/Dissertation

Areas: Contracts, Torts, Information Security, Intellectual Property, Liability in the Information Age, E-Commerce, and the Internet.  Dissertation: The Internet and the Information Age: Data Protection and Informational Privacy Principles.

University of South Africa
School of Law
Pretoria, South Africa 


Master Level Education, Practice, and Research

 MASTER OF LAWS [LL.M.] in Information Technology and Telecommunications Law, [With Distinction], 2000

Areas: Contracts, Torts, Information Security, Intellectual Property, Liability in the Information Age, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, and the Internet.  Dissertation: Information Age Dispute Resolution: ADR and Cyberspace.

University of Strathclyde
School of Law
Glasgow, Scotland


Areas: Conflict Resolution, Mediation, and Arbitration. 

Research Topic: Mediation and Arbitration of Psychological Disputes

Pepperdine University School of Law ****
Institute for Dispute Resolution
Malibu, California 

**** Law School program accredited by The American Bar Association and Association of American Law Schools.  Tied for number one program in the nation 

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION [M.B.A.], [Concentration Magna Cum Laude level], 1989

Areas: Consulting, Executive Management, Organizational Behavior-Conflict-Crisis-Development - Technology Strategic Management, Marketing. ***  Research Project Topic: International Crisis Management Strategies.

            Graduate School of Business Administration
            University of Southern California
            Los Angeles, California

*** Business program accredited by The American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business 

MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK [M.S.W.], [Summa Cum Laude level], 1973

Areas:  Consulting Social Work and Organizational - Public - Social Policy. **  Focus: Assessment, Communication, and Conflict.  Thesis Topic: Nonverbal Behavior.

Graduate School of Social Work
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California

** Clinical Social Work training accredited by The Council on Social Work Education

Additional Professional Education, Practice, and Research

Internet Professional Training and Experience

Harvard University School of Law: Internet Law Summer, Privacy, E-Commerce Three Summer Internet Programs.  Two years as Chair of Teaching Internet Law Seminars

Stanford University School of Law:  Internet Law Program

Yale University Law School: Global Flow of Information Conference on Law, Culture, and Political Economy

World Intellectual Property Organization United Nations: International Arbitration

 Supervised Professional Training and Experience  

U.S.C. Center for Crisis Management [Research Fellow].  Post Doctoral Fellow, the Social Science Research Council.  U. S. House of Representatives [Staff Employee].

Professional Certifications

Institute of Management Consultants (Certified Management Consultant)

National Bureau (Certified Professional Consultant to Management)

International Association of Privacy Professionals (Certified Information Privacy Professional)

International Consultants Foundation (Registered International Consultant)

Certified Focus Group Director Qualitative Research


Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Consultation (United States House of Representatives)

American Men and Women of Science

Who's Who in America

Who's Who in the World

Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare

Who's Who in Finance and Industry

Who's Who in Frontiers Science and Technology

Who's Who in Science and Engineering.



Regionally Accredited University - Associate through Doctorate Programs



Professional Focus


For over 30 years, assisted in conflict resolution and problem solving services that are voluntary, private, objective, focused on promoting better relationships, controlled by the parties, informal, flexible, and of short duration. Neutral facilitation based on the art and science of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Provides on-line and in-person process and expert alternative dispute resolution and consulting services that include process consulting and expert intervention processes.


Provides interdisciplinary ADR services based on considerable clinical and consulting education, training, research, and experience.  Impartial and objective problem solving professional skilled in understanding the dynamics, process, and legal standards required in effective dispute resolution.


Effective neutral that understands the relevant context - content, cultures, issues, communication patterns, relationships, and unintended consequences involved.  Provides quality mediation and arbitration services based on an interdisciplinary micro-macro perspective and skills.


Dispute Resolution Roles - Methods


Provides expert process consulting services that includes assistance with negotiations, settlement negotiation - conferences, mediation, meeting facilitation, co-mediation, conciliation, and settlement conferences.  Expert intervention processes include forensic consultation and expert witness services within areas of competencies.  Provides non-binding process work that includes mini-trials, mediation - arbitration, confidential mini-evaluation, and arbitration.  Provides binding arbitration services on a single or panel basis.


Professional Functions

Focused on serving as a neutral and conflict - dispute resolution specialists for interpersonal, business, civil, criminal, and administrative cases.  Served as an ADR professional and consultant throughout the United States, Canada, North America, Great Britain, Europe, the Middle East, North and East Africa, the Orient, and Australia.

Industry Experience as a Neutral:

Bio-Technology, Communications, Computer, Consumer Products, Courts, Education, E-Commerce. EEO, Electronics, Engineering, Entertainment, Food, Government, Health Care, Hi tech, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Internet - Web, Labor, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Media, Medical, Military, Multi-national, Non-profit, Pharmaceutical, Professional Organizations, Psychological and Social Service, Research, Science, Telecommunications, and Transportation.



 Information Age Business Service Issues: agreements, business plans, channel conflicts, competition, consumer service, cyber-contracts, cyberspace dealings, cyber squatting, directories, domain names, establishing goodwill, feedback, information economics, integrating old practices in a new age, international strategies, internet business options, internet strategy, life cycle, managing risks, merchants, pricing, successful design, web sites, and world wide web

Intellectual Property Issues: copyright use and misuse, database use and misuse, domain name hijacking, domain name strategies, intellectual property concerns, sensitive data protection, software as property, software copyrights, software patents, trade names, trade secrets, and trademarks 

Information Privacy Security Concerns: cryptography, data protection, information use and misuse, information security, privacy, and security assessments.

E-Commerce Strategies: authentication, consumer service, cookies, data signatures, e-commerce e-payment systems, electronic banking, electronic marketplace, funds transfer, merchandizing, net strategy, security, service failures and web strategies

Information Technology Management Issues: bulletin boards, electronic publishing, e-mail, encryption, expert systems, frames, information technology, internet research, search engines, telecommunications, and standards of care

Defective Software: development risks, errors, expert systems, quality, and risks of use and misuse.

Information and Computer Crime: blackmail, consent, contractual, computer fraud, computer related crime, computer misuse, cyber stalking, hacking, identity theft, information theft, invasion of privacy, mens rea, negligence, piracy, and use of computers. 

ADR Certifications and Affiliations: Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, Section on Dispute Resolution - American Bar Association [Ethics and Technology Committees], Southern California Mediation Association, California Dispute Resolution Council, Professional Mediation Association, London Court of International Arbitration, and American Arbitration Association.


Information Age Management Issues: change management, communication strategies, creating change, decision making, establishing performance standards, ethical concerns, leadership, problem solving, professional concerns, reasonable expectations, successful management, and team building.

Information Employee Concerns: discrimination, distribution of labor, employee abuse, evaluation, harassment, labor problems, labor relations, managing knowledge workers, password protection, supervision of data users, users, non-users, and misusers, whistle-blowing, workplace stress, and wrongful termination.

Equal Employment Opportunity Concerns: The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, as amended.  Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended.  Civil Rights Act of 1963, as amended.  Equal Pay Act of 1963, as amended.  Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.

Management - Business Issues: Assessment - crisis assessment, forecasting, management planning, employee evaluation, selection, and retention, identifying normal and abnormal problems, performance evaluations and program assessment.  Behavior - Interpersonal: communication skills, confronting demands, critical thinking, cross cultural issues, handling criticism, interpersonal relationships, family businesses, listening skills, male and female issues, motivation, problem solving, work and family issues.  Organizational: assessing needs, authority and power, career - development - management - transition, control and influence, decision making, delegation, diversity, employee assistance, ethical concerns, foreign assignment evaluations, group dynamics, labor management problems, mentoring, motivation and morale, and organizational politics.  Conflict: change management, conflict management - resolution, crisis intervention focus - external and internal, critical incident debriefing, cultural changes, discrimination, harassment, stress and burn-out, violence in the workplace, and wellness.  Development:  career development, executive coaching mentoring, improving performance, goal setting, group facilitation, improving performance, leadership development, management skills, managerial succession, meeting skills, organizational - culture - development - diagnosis, systems and structures, visioning, partnering skills, performance appraisal and standards, project management, program development and evaluation, quality of work life, reaching individual and group goals, team building, time management, and wrongful termination.  Strategic: Board of Directors, down sizing, entrepreneurship, growth, innovation, intellectual capital, organizational design - objectives - planning, and systems thinking

Historic Consulting Certifications: Institute of Management Consultants (Certified Management Consultant), International Consultants Foundation (Registered International Consultant), and American Board of Administrative Psychology (Diplomate) Certified Focus Group Director.


Information Marketing: advertising in the information age, advertising campaigns in cyberspace, banners, budgets, building a community, corporate identity, costs, information marketing plan, interactive marketing, keywords, literature research, market economics, market mix, market statistics, marketing research, measuring results, product marketing, meta tags, newsgroups and forums, public relations, sales support, service marketing, spamming, style manuals, and virtual catalogs

Marketing and Research Methods: awareness studies, benchmark studies, brand image, brand name recognition, business plan research, change of venue surveys, client satisfaction, community attitudes, competitor analysis, concept testing, corporate image, customer profiles, customer satisfaction, design modification, employee satisfaction, issue identification, litigation research, market targets, market trends, member satisfaction, message testing, mock trials, mystery shopping, new product appeal, opportunities and threats, packaging, panel studies, patient satisfaction - medical and psychiatric,  political polling, positioning development, pricing, pricing strategies, public opinion data, segmentation studies, statistical analysis, strategy recommendations, strength and weaknesses, taste testing, and tracking studies.  Qualitative and quantitative research methods. 

Historic Marketing Certifications: See above. 


Information Age Interpersonal Concerns: behavior in the new age, children and the net, computer addictions, interpersonal conflict management, cross cultural concerns, group dynamics, and net relationships.

Psychosocial: Individual and Family - abuse, adoption, child and family dynamics, coercive persuasion, crime issues, custody, developmental issues, dissolution issues, group behavior, homicide, juvenile crime issues, memory, neglect, neurological function, parental alienation, psychological function, psychopathology, refreshed memories, relationships, relinquishment of parental rights, sexual influence, suicide, and visitation.  Criminal: competency to stand trial, eye-witness testimony, memory refreshment, mens rea, psychopathology, and sanity.  Human Performance: attribution, burn out, conflict, cultural issues, decision making, development, human behavior, psychological / psychosocial function and dysfunction, neuropsychological issues, and stress.  Social Influence: coercive persuasion, cults, group dynamics, and sexual behavior.  Therapeutic Malpractice: assessment, behavioral medicine, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, counseling, clinical social work, crisis intervention, evaluation, family therapy, hypnosis - imagery - suggestion, litigation recommendations, memory refreshment, neuropsychological treatment, professional ethics, psychological treatment, and standard of care.  Suicide and Homicide: assessment, intervention, post incidence intervention, psychological autopsy, and risk.

Community Problems: agricultural, Business relationships, Church, Commercial, Construction, Consumer - merchant, Contractual and non-contractual liability, Environmental, Health care, Landlord - tenant, Neighborhood, Pastoral, Personal injury, Real estate, Retirement, Systems, and Truancy issues. 

Historic Certifications: Psychology: American Board of Professional Psychology (Diplomate, Board Member), American Board of Psychological Hypnosis (Diplomate), and American Board of Child and Adolescent Psychology (Board Member).  Clinical Social Work: American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work (Diplomate), NASA Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (Diplomate).  Society for Clinical Social Work (Elected Fellow and former Board Member).


Designing, planning, conducting, monitoring, and reporting of research studies and findings.  Supervises and encourages other's research studies.  Focus on state of the art understanding of ideas, research, practices, and standards of care in a variety of fields. 

Standard of care in behavioral medicine, evaluation, group dynamics, hypnosis - imagery - suggestion, litigation process, neuropsychological, psychological, psychopathological, psychophysiological, psychosocial, psychotherapy, relationship, sexual behavior, suicide, therapeutic, and tort areas. 

Historic Scientific - Forensic Certifications: American Academy of Behavioral Medicine (Diplomate), International Academy of Medicine and Psychology (Diplomate, President), and American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (Diplomate).  Royal Society of Health (Elected Fellow).  American Board of Forensic Examiners (Diplomate), American Board of Psychological Specialties, and American Board of Forensic Medicine (Diplomate).  American College of Forensic Psychology (Fellow) American Registry of Arbitrators (Registered Arbitrator). 


Information Policy Issues: censorship, compliance, data access, defamation, free speech, governance, governmental behavior, human rights, indecent speech, information highway standards, internet regulation, internet education, netiquette, newsgroups, offensive materials, policy concerns, regulation of practices, and surveillance 

Policy Issues: Governmental administration, legislation and policy making.  Community and neighborhood conflicts.  University, school, special education, truancy, performance, and educational policy.  Interagency conflicts.  Health care, environmental and agricultural.  Ethnic, racial, and multicultural conflicts.  Human rights and civil liberties. 


Conflict Resolution and Related Faculty: California State University at Long Beach, University of Phoenix, University of Southern California, and the University of Strathclyde School of Law

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